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Poletech, a family owned & operated company have developed Australia's first 100% Australian made Composite Power Pole. With over 4000 Poletech poles in active service across the Australian network. Our Poles, starting from 7m in lengths are manufactured as one piece up to 14m in length and multiple piece configuration up to 21.5 meters in length. The surface finish is lightly textured and grey in colour, or can be coloured upon request to suite our clients requirements.

Cost Efficient Installation

Poletech Composite Electical Power Pole

Non - Conductive System

Poletech Composite Electical Power Pole

Strong and Resistant

Poletech Composite Electical Power Pole

Advantagesof the composite power pole system


The composite power pole is on average 40% lighter than the equivalent rated timber pole.

Corrosion & Termite Resistant

The composite power pole is construction from Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin giving it resistance to Caustic Alkalis, Hypochlorite Bleaching Chemicals and high temperatures and termites.

Cost Efficient Installation

The composite power pole is installed in similar fashion to the timber pole however being lighter it is more cost effective to install in those applications with access restrictions.

Non - Conductive System

The composite power pole is inert and the structure is non conductive. Our poles have successfully undergone testing at Ergon Energy results are available upon request.

Hardware & Fitment

The composite power poles are manufactured in a cylindrical taper shape similar to the timber pole. This means that all current hardware such as cross arms & bolt on foot pegs and there fitment to the pole will be done the same way or using a similar method.

Transport & Storage

Composite power poles can be transported, stored & handled in the same way timber poles are, with consideration taken to protect the surface of the pole, this simply means nylon straps in place of chains & dogs. Because the power poles are lighter in weight. Transport costs become more efficient.

Life Expectancy

Composite power poles based on US & European manufactures data & studies have a life expectancy of 70-80 years combined with the other advantages of fire corrosion, termite, rot resistance & lower transportation cost the composite poles installed cost becomes extremely competitive .

Fire Resistant   

The power poles are constructed from fire retardant laminates. We have conducted tests in accordance to AS 1530.8.2 Simulated bushfire attack – Large flaming source. Along with Californian brush fire tests.

Poletech poles are light weight and easy to lift and work with.

Poletech's FIRE Resistant Composite Power Poles
withstood the devastating
Black Summer fires of 2020, in Australia.

Wood Power Poles replaced with Poletech FIRE Resistant Composite Power Poles.
Wood Power Poles replaced with Poletech FIRE Resistant Composite Power Poles in 2020.
Wood Power Poles replaced with Poletech FIRE Resistant Composite Power Poles in 2020 showing comparison.
Poletech FIRE Resistant Composite Power Poles replaced Wood Power Poles damaged during the 2020 fires in Australia..

Fire Testing -Composite Power Power Fire Test at CSIRO

Following is Video footage of the CISRO Fire Testing of AC Whalan Composite Pole to AS 1530.8.1.

Testing and Certification

Poletech's state of the art Filament Winders are fitted with Siemens controllers, combined with proprietary CAD software the team can guarantee the quality & consistence of every item produced. Our dedication to quality assurance and control ensures manufacture of industry standard products. Independent testing ensures compliance in accordance to AS/NZS 4676:2000 Structural Design Requirements and AS/NZS 7000:2016 Overhead Design are achieved.
Poletech Composite PoleTest -273mm flex.

Finite Element Analisis (FEA)

Poletech engage the independent services of EMP and Green Storm Solutions to conduct FEA on the design of our pole. The FEA working load consist of transverse tip load equivalent to half the ultimate load and is used to define the serviceability limit state.

In this condition the pole deflection has been limited to less than 5% of the cantilevered length. This location corresponds with the recommendations in 'AS/NZS 4676:2000 Structural design requirements and AS/NZS 7000:2016 Overhead Design for Power Poles'.
UV Stabilized

The Poletech power pole, are manufactured with a UV Stabilized and protective outer barrier of the pole. This ensures the ultimate extended life of the poles.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Poletech power poles are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. There are no toxic preservatives to leach out into the soil or ground water around the pole.

Downsizing of installation Plant & Overheads

Being lighter, the composite poles can be installed using smaller plant & equipment. This in turn creates a smaller installation footprint that can save on public impact & disruption such as road or lane closures during installation. The smaller plant also results in an improved safety interface with the public.

Poletech -Load Testing

Poles are tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4676.2000 and AS/NZS 7000:2016 Overhead Design . Initial load testing was conducted at the University of Queensland's Department of Civil Engineering Testing facility in St Lucia. Ongoing production tests are independently verified in house by Green Strom Solutions.

  • UQ testing official prepares a 12.5m one piece pole for load test.
  • The 12.5m, one piece pole during a load test.
  • The 12.5m, one piece pole during a destructive test breaking point was 32Kn
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Poletech -Electrical Testing

The poles were also required to undergo Australian testing for Leakage Current, Lightning Impulse & 50Hz Flashover. These tests were conducted at Ergon Energy’s facility.
Below are images of Ergon Energy's Testing Facility and Testing procedures. Workers at the Testing Facility setting up a Utility Pole prior to a lightning impulse test.

Final Results

In the final image on the bottom right, you can see the results of a polluted Leak Current test 275Kv. Although marked, you can see that the structural integrity of the pole was unaffected from the Lightning Impluse.

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Poletech Composite Poles in the field.

Poletech has the ability to design & manufacture products to meet customer's specific project applications.

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